IT Service

Movilges offers solutions for the implementation of IT projects, which include career management of professionals in the sector, as well as recruitment services, integration in projects and relocation of services


Relocation of services and equipment

Movilges offers nearshore services to our clients throughout Europe. These services can be provided by assigning experienced professionals or by creating a new team in the new location. Some of the positive points of this type of outsourcing are the possibility of working in the same time zone, quality and optimization of activities.


Recruitment and selection of personnel

Movilges Outsourcing provides all the components of talent acquisition and recruitment for IT teams, as well as the management and administration of contracts for this talent, adapting flexibly to the business model and needs of each client to add value to their teams.


A team of IT specialists at your disposal

Movilges offers its customers, the best experts in IT. We have expert staff, who can be incorporated and integrated into teams or projects, helping customers overcome any challenge


  • Productive
    • The staff is already trained, so they are productive from day one.
  • Adaptable
    • The specialist is selected based on the characteristics of the client.