Movilges Control

Real-time worker presence control system

Movilges Control is the mobility solution to monitor the tasks performed by personnel both outside and inside the premises. This  presence control  software  allows the effective management and monitoring of company resources in real time, through the use of RFID technology.

Movilges Presence Control is divided into two modules:

  • Web module that allows access to data from any browser.
  • Android application, totally intuitive for workers.

Movilges Maintenance Control

The Maintenance Control module allows you to know in real time the information about the maintenance tasks that are being carried out, either through work orders or freely.



Allows you to assign to each agent the responsibilities and destinations, according to predetermined work schemes in the central.


You have in mobility the functions necessary for the management of the merchandise of the store (orders, stock, inventory, receptions, consultations, EAN, labels...). Therefore, it allows you to analyze how resources are used.


It works at different levels within the organization, and can be done both online and offline.