Movilges Delivery

Route Management System

Movilges Reparto allows you to effectively manage transport resources, to make distribution faster, more accurate and more efficient.

It optimizes the use of transport and allows the monitoring of your means of transport and your deliveries, with direct communication with the headquarters.


  • Traceability and expiration dates in loads, deliveries and/or collections.
  • Management of returns and collection of goods (planned or not).
  • Guided tours.
  • Guide the operator by map through the most optimal route.
  • Planning/Supervision of routes based on daily work.
  • Configurations by Agent / Client / Item



It allows it to be adapted to the needs and different ways of working of each company. Customization of colors and logos.


Manage routes and customers, record activity for maximum traceability and tracking.

Control by GPS at all times, recording of the signature and photos in case of incident.