Movilges RFID

RFID solutions for location, tracking and traceability

Movilges RFID is a set of solutions based on the use of radio frequency identification technology in different standards (UHF, HF ...), both with passive and active tags, including alternative solutions, such as the new Beacons.

Radio frequency identification solutions allow stock management, traceability, warehouse inputs and outputs. Likewise, this type  of RFID solution offers the possibility of calculating the time between processes, as well as the control of workflows.

This solution provides tracking of people and assets, from large containers to small batches, consequently providing knowledge of the merchandise contained and its situation.



Increased performance in all processes, improving productivity.


Movilges RFID has the possibility to work in various physical environments, ways of working and computer platforms. There is also a great diversity of permissible volumes. It also allows multiple formats of TAG's, designed for all types of packaging, products, transport and even people.


Different techniques of use and encapsulation technologies allow the reuse of TAG's to minimize the economic impact of their implementation.