Movilges Sales

The comprehensive solution to manage the sales force

Movilges Ventas is  the integral solution to manage the sales force and facilitate commercial work, improving its management, control and decision-making of management teams.

It is specially designed to manage personal sales, so it allows you to integrate pre-sales, self-sales  and distribution in a single tool that enhances and improves the sales force.

Movilges Ventas is fully configurable, so it can be adapted to the needs of each company.

Two modules, one solution

Movilges' sales force software has two modules:


It allows you to intuitively make sales, billing management, order modification, customer location, as well as communications.


It allows you to manage all the work done by the sales force and provides valuable information for decision making.



It adapts to any type of business by easily complementing and integrating with your ERP.

It is also multi-device and is compatible with Windows and Android.


It allows the control and effective management of technical and human resources, facilitating their work and improving the customer experience. Its Analytics module is designed to optimize and facilitate decision making, through daily activity reports to have a global view of the company.


Designed for easy use and learning for people unfamiliar with these tools.