Movilges Voice

The voice system for logistics adapted to each customer

Movilges Voice is a system that allows you to automate the repetitive processes of the production environment and the warehouse, such as picking, inventory and forklift movements.

It is a fully customizable solution, which adapts to each client, through the use of devices and technologies appropriate to the environment and the work to be done. For this, it begins with a study that allows to develop tasks as they are adapted to each need.

The Movilges Voz  system  increases the accuracy and productivity of warehouses, improving the performance and quality of work, since voice is the natural way to communicate.



The human-machine relationship occurs naturally, speaking and listening, hands and vision are used only for work. In this way, the level of attention increases and, therefore, errors decrease, with a tendency to 0%.

As a result, with Movilges Voz productivity is increased with regard to the use of paper, between 20% and 30%, allowing an extremely fast ROI.


The voice system adapts to different environments, tasks and ways of working, also allows any language or accent.


It is based on concise operations that facilitate the execution of the work without errors. The operator only has to follow the orders and answer the questions that the system asks. The adaptation to the way of working and learning is immediate.