SISLOG Warehouse

The leading Warehouse Management Software (WMS) in Spain

SISLOG is the Warehouse Management Software, part of Hardis Group, distributed by Movilges. SISLOG integrates advanced and innovative technology for storage and distribution centers. It is an EMS that integrates the operation based on radio frequency terminals with the voice option.

SISLOG is a fully configurable and customizable system, 100% web, modular and integrable, as well as multi-language, multi-company and multi-site.

SISLOG in data

+ than 500 WMS warehouses installed

+ than 100 customers.

+ 3.8 million m2 in warehouses between 1,000 and 300,000 m2.

+ than 12,000 RF equipment

+ 2,500 voice equipment.

SISLOG offers maximum coverage and availability:

  • Functionalities, Technologies and Integrity
  • 100% web operating systems
  • Productive sectors



Great functional diversity that covers all the needs of modern warehouses, in controlled temperature and ambient environments. With perishable products, food, electronics, drugstore, industrial, etc.


Increased productivity and quality of deliveries. Control of technical and human resources with automatic assignment of work in real time.


Usable on different operating systems. Integration with any manufacturer of terminals and user interfaces (voice, screen/keyboard).


Long career of more than 20 years in the world of WMS and warehouse management with more than 100 clients and very diverse sectors, from pharma to retail and industrial.